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Drummond certified
In 2010, PDS MDsuite 6 achieved 2011 Complete Ambulatory EHR certification. Delivering on the company’s commitment to remain compliant with industry regulations, MDsuite 7 achieved 2014 certification as a Complete Ambulatory EHR.


Quest Diagnostics certified
As a certified Health IT Quality Solution, MDsuite has been deemed by Quest Diagnotics to meet or exceed advanced industry standards and provide a streamlined, interoperable solution with Quest Diagnostics regarding lab orders and results.



Microsoft Partner
MDsuite has been a certified partner of Microsoft for many years. In 2010, we underwent a more strenuous certification process to achieve Gold Partner Status


A pioneer and undisputed leader in the field, Professional Data Services, Inc. (PDS) has been developing practice management software since 1973. PDS is a financially sound company with year over year profitability. We have a very passionate and loyal base that has grown to over 7,000 providers and we will continue to invest in our product line. While additional promotional activities are planned for ongoing growth, client satisfaction, not hype, will remain our mission cornerstone.

In light of market trends and the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, PDS expanded its footprint adding MDsuite in 2013. MDsuite is critical to our go-forward strategy and was not merely an afterthought to get into the Cloud market. Our vision is one of continued growth and market expansion with a solid commitment to meet evolving industry needs. We are better positioned than larger corporations to stay the course with our legacy and flagship products. Because of our experience as a software vendor, a Value added reseller for Practice Partner, and a team of fully dedicated health care technology professionals, you can count on us being here every step of the way, especially, after the sale.

As with all organizations, the individuals that contribute to the teams within power the company. Our team brings combined experience of more than twenty years of product management, forty years of service and operations excellence, and four-hundred years of product delivery expertise.

We understand that the most valuable thing we have to offer is our commitment to deliver a high satisfaction product experience, backed up with a proficient, responsive and dedicated group of people. As a privately owned organization, we have the ability to drive to a single point of focus and unity of purpose: Customer first! Unlike publically traded and owned organizations who must focus on stockholders and board of directors before any other consideration. We are committed to providing our customers with solutions that exceed their expectations. You can count on the viability, stability, and longevity of our products and our organization.




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