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PDS Cortex

Some features of PDS Cortex

PDS Cortex makes your practice more efficient by providing tools for managing patient appointments, billings, collections and more. It makes it easy to navigate the complexities of today’s health insurance environment. Here is a look at a few of the features:

  • Medical billing – The heart of Cortex; dynamic cash flow, reduced A/R, efficient retrieval and analysis of information.
  • Managing insurance – Robust tools you need to manage, track, report and save time.
  • Bad debts/collection agency tracking – Monitor collection agency activity and effectiveness; improve A/R efficiency.
  • Appointment scheduling – Intuitive scheduling, with custom layouts and a powerful workflow.
  • Electronic remittance distribution – Take control with electronic posting of insurance payments and streamline your insurance transactions.
  • Reporting – Flexibility and control in the more than 270 standard reports


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